Who We Serve


Throughout the years, Entereza has continued to support commercial customers throughout the US. Our services are quite diverse. Areas that we provide support in range from engineering support services for the National Radar Test Facility, transient alert aircraft services, nuclear assessments, training in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear detection and response. We also provides support for information technology, website design, hardware and software sales, and systems integration. Some of the agencies that we provide support to include: and URS Corporation, Galactic Network Integrators, Inc., C2G, Inc., Excel Staffing Companies, LLC., GEM-Excel, LLC. Aztec IT Services, Inc., Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), ABBA Technologies, Applied Technology Associates, Inc., and EG&G.


Since its’ inception in 2001, Entereza has been a proud supporter of the US Government. We have partnered with many different agencies, providing support in test and evaluation of military systems, as well as training in operational test and evaluation, providing valuable training for in-field operations, supporting the security agencies through our control of access to military sites as well as security support services. Entereza has been involved in the logistics of installations, as well as acting in advisory assistance functions. We have also supported a variety of different agencies in State and Local Government. Entereza played an important role in setting up training for the Highway Department, doing forensic diagnostics in fraud and abuse cases for the Labor Department, as well as providing training in different aspects of information technology. Some of the agencies that we provide support to include: Department of Defense (US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corp), Department of Energy (Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Department of Homeland Security (Transportation Security Administration, United States Coast Guard), State of New Mexico General Services Division, State of New Mexico Highway and Transportation Administration, New Mexico Department of Labor.


Within the last couple of years, Entereza has been reaching out to non-profit organizations in our efforts to provide community outreach. Those agencies include: The Center for Non-Profit Excellence, BRINM (Bio-Medical Research Institute of New Mexico), supporting the Veteran’s Administration, and the Professional Aerospace Contractors Association. We have provided these agencies with advice on website and marketing supporting, outreach to government agencies and contractors through speaking engagements and briefings for industry yearly events, bridging these agencies to enhance communications and facilitation of opportunities for all parties.

Small Business Community

Entereza has been extremely active in the New Mexico Small Business Community. Since our certification in the Small Business Administration 8(a) program, we have assisted several companies in obtaining their certification as well. We have formed joint ventures with other small business to compete for large acquisition opportunities. We have formed strong alliances in the community through these endeavors. Our joint ventures include: Kees Adjudication Services, LLC and Joint Technical Services, LLC (providing security support services to the Department of Energy), Joint Emergency Technical Services, LLC (providing chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear training for detection and response) to the United States Coast Guard, and G&E Technologies (providing transient alert aircraft services to Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico). We also serve as prime contractor or subcontractors to small and large business entities.