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Whether you are a solopreneur attempting to create a startup or an executive working on an internal venture, this program provides the tools you need to create new opportunities. Entereza's Learning Services Academy (LSA) series is designed specifically for the solopreneur to help them develop a solid plan and learn what it takes to build a thriving business.

This hands-on interactive class will give you negotiation strategies, tools and techniques proven to give you more control of your negotiations and dramatically improve negotiation outcomes. Many opportunities in life are missed when you are unable to handle negotiations effectively. Becoming a great negotiator is a skill that will serve you well throughout your life.

Now that you have your customers how do you keep them satisfied so they continue to utilize your services? Learn how to focus your data collection efforts and develop a short survey or interview guide to assess customer satisfaction.


Today's workplace is vastly different from that of your parents. In fact, it continues to evolve practically on a daily basis due in large part to the silver tsunami and subsequent age waves facing this country. Workshop attendance will provide you with an awareness of current conditions confronting both employers and employees.

Ageism occurs as we formulate unsubstantiated and generalized opinions and actions towards our adults who encounter a variety of issues and influences throughout the aging process. In this workshop we will explore the effects of ageism both on the older adult and society.

Given the economic upheaval of the last ten years, increasing life spans, the impacts of globalization and the effects of rapidly changing technology, the nature and make-up of the workforce has drastically changed. In this workshop we will explore the concept of retirement, associated legislation, and composition of the workforce.

Mental health disorders may be experienced in the workplace without significant disruption in behavior. This workshop will explore specific mental disorders, their causes, symptoms, outcomes, and effective treatments.

Many variables have contributed to paving the way for older adults to remain in the workforce. The workshop explores the differences between retiring, retaining, and rehiring workers, as well as which option may be more economically viable for the employer.